The Beginning


From an idea in the minds of two students, to one of charities’ most brilliant success stories…. So how did it begin?

Firstly, to introduce ourselves, we are Greg and Matt. Both living on the Gold Coast in Queensland, we study at Griffith University on the Gold Coast and work casually to bide our time until we graduate. Sun and surf is what we like to soak up in our free time and of course, working on our Million Dollar Challenge.

The idea came off the back of the work from a Canadian blogger named Kyle MacDonald, who traded from one red paperclip up to a house in just 13 trades. After hearing about the story I (Greg) wanted to give it a go myself but would need the help of a friend to get the journey going. Matthew has a background in graphics and is one of my life time friends, which made an easy choice. We wanted to tie our challenge in with a charity, and as my grandmother passed away from Multiple Sclerosis, we thought it would be suitable to try and raise the money to help find a cure. With Matt’s skills in creating branding, and my ability to speak confidently and write (hopefully) diligently, we created our Million Dollar Challenge.

To make our endeavour as Australian as possible it was decided that we would start off with a Cherry Ripe, something iconic within the country and something people would remember. And that is where we began.


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