Growing Our Challenge

The Million Dollar Challenge thrives on social media connections and Matthew and myself are hoping that this journey will remain as organic as possible, thriving on intriguing swaps, famous encounters and media attention.

So far we have found that the growth of the challenge has shown all the signs of growing orgianically. We have already managed to grab the attention of The Gold Coast Bulletin and ABC Gold Coast, who offered us a monthly segment on their drive home show to report our progress. The media covered has increased page engagements and lead to our second swap with William Owen-Jones, for his Crowded House albums.

In timing with our media engagements we managed to get in contact with MSQLD who are the charity who represent those struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and are trying to find a cure, as well as helping those who live with the disease. MSQLD are now officially partnered with the Million Dollar Challenge and offered their resources at our disposal.




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