Progress is Sweet

We’re five months into the Million Dollar Challenge and we have had some amazing advances since the last update. After starting with a Cherry Ripe worth $2, we now have TWO items and our splitting our challenge in two so that we can achieve our goal more quickly.

We managed to feature on Channel 7’s Sunrise, which increased our Facebook page likes from 600 to 1200 in one day. The experience was one that helped us to realise media opportunities need to be taken to call our potential swappers on a larger scale, targeting companies rather than people.

The exposure lead us to swapping a push bike for an outdoor pool table valued at $1400 new and more recently we were donated another item for our endeavour.  The Star Hotel and Casino on the Gold Coast gave us a stay package valued at $1600, to help us along our way with the challenge.

Now we look onwards and upwards but in doing so we are having to put in more time… Rather than waiting for offers we are seeking out swaps on Facebook trade pages and websites such as Gumtree.



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